What Made Females To File Essure Lawsuits?

Planning a family is a wise thing to do.

But choosing an option for permanent birth control also requires patience and lot of research.

In case of birth control options, one needs to consider the health issues and side effects, if any.

Thinking about your health is way too important. One must not take major decisions, without discussing or checking all the leaps and bounds associated with it. It actually happen with end number of women.

In recent years, a number of Essure lawsuits have been filed, and continuing to be filed by many females.

Have you heard about Essure and the lawsuits being filed against it??

Essure lawsuit insertion

No, in actual, Essure is a device which was introduced by Bayer’s for the sole purpose of permanent birth control in females.

In the year 2002, it got approval of FDA, but they didn’t mention even once that Essure has side effects and in certain cases, they can prove to be lethal.

That is what happened, due to Essure device lots of females got hospitalized and even many lost their lives also.

Essure is a device, which is cylindrical in shape and looks just like a spring.

It is made of metal, and is inserted in the fallopian tubes of females. It takes around 3 months to completely block the tubes from not letting sperms go inside.

But as mentioned earlier, the side effects were very dangerous, the list is mentioned below for your consideration:

• Puncture of uterus or colon.
• Headaches/Migraines.
• Twinges at the implant sites.
• Lot of females got pregnant.
• Pain in joints.
• Memory lapses/dizziness.
• Unbearable pain in pelvic
• Bleeding after intercourse/painful intercourse.
• Unusual Tiredness.
• Allergic reactions
• Weight Gain
• Frequent urination
• Severe bloating
• Heavy periods/prolonged period/no periods.
• Missing of device.
• Wrongful death
• Ectopic pregnancy

essure complications in females

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When you will read out all the reviews of Essure lawyers, you will get to know that still there are numerous pending cases in the court, and waiting for the justice.

Females have suffered a lot, due to which lots of law firms have come forward to fight against medical malpractice, and to stop them from doing anything wrong further, because most of the sufferers can’t even pay for their bills any more.

Read this news post to get through the facts associated with the Essure lawsuits and the complications.